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Here are our Back Issues. If you need to find something older than year 2021, you can check out our archives which you can download at (115 MB) (80 MB). Archive1 has back issues from 2013 to 2016. Archive2 has issues from 2017 to 2020.

Winter 2023

Training: Upland Hunting by Mitch White; Leadership & Structure With Our Four Legged Friends by Robert Cabral; Specialty Result Midwest LRC of Iowa and Pawcatuck River LRC; Northwest Notes: The Miracle of Puppy Development by Diann Sullivan; In Loving Memory of Janet Schoonover; Artwork: Bringing Tupelo To Life; Tribute to Extraordinary Rescue Dog and His Talented Human by Cary Unkelbach; Just for Fun: Ariel Meets the Ghost of Rippers Cross by Robin Anderson

Fall 2023

Training: Bringing Home a New Dog/Puppy by Robert Cabral; Critical Casts by Mitch White; Sire of Significance: Ch Iron Hill’s Trusty One CDC by Chris Shanahan/Iron Hills; Doing It All: Are Your Dogs Meeting Their Breed Standard? by Sandy McMillan; Potomac Coverage: LRC of the Potomac 2023 Spring Specialty Experience by Stephanie Halfacre; Judges of the Potomac Speak: Janet Farmilette, Bob Skow and Sussie Wiles; Specialty Results LRC of the Potomac April 11th, 12th, 2023

Summer 2023

From to Function: Studs, Selection, Structure and Stress by Mitch White; Training: Managing the Multi Dog Family by Robert Cabral; ‘Mentoring’ A Side-by-Side A.I. by Diann Sullivan; Specialty Show results from Midwest LRC of Iowa and LRC of Pioneer Valley and Westminster KC 2023; Unlikely Animal Friends: Cheetahs and Labrador Retrievers by Cary Unkelbach; Health: Examining Elbow Dysplasia submitted by Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

Spring 2023

National Owner-Handler Series; Judges Speak Greater Atlanta LRC Specialty Judges by Stephanie Halfacre; Northwest Notes: Evaluation Structure for a Planned Breedings by Diann Sullivan; Training: The Blind Retrieve by Mitch White; Community Hero: From Victim to Victorious 2022 Humane Hero Veterinary Nurse of the Year by Cheri Herschell CVT; Training: Balanced Dog Training – Who could Possibly Argue With That?

Winter 2022 – SOLD OUT

Northwest Notes: The Coldest Day Ever; Judges Speak featuring Bob Skow, Glacieridge Labradors; Fox Red Labradors by Sally Kelley, Kelley Green Labradors; Sire of Significance featuring GCh Rubywood Saint Soulfully Iron Hill CGC TKN, Midwest LRC and Pawcatuck River Specialty results; Keeping Veterans Fit and Happy by Robert Cabral; Hunter Training, A wing and a Prayer, My first Attempt at a Junior Hunter Trial by Laura McGowan; Upland Adventures and Your Retriever by Mitch White; A Great “Dog” Story, Extraordinary Rescue Dog Earns 100 Titles in 12 Performance Sports by Cary Unkelbach and Judie

Fall 2022 – SOLD OUT

Hero Labs: Angels Among Us by Terry McCann; Training: To E or not to E by Joey Edsall & Kathy Mines; Agility: Year 2021 Top 5 Labradors; Judges Speak: Judy Chambers, Ghoststone Labradors; Training: Corrections in Dog Training by Robert Cabral; Fox Red Labradors: History of the Shade & About a Fox Red Labrador by Gregg Tonkin; Health: Risk-Assessment DNA Tests, One Breeder’s Perspective by Sharlene Pitman; Top Obedience Labs for 2021 by Ann Hussa; Training: Quality Control by Mitch White; Potomac Story: Potomac 2022 A Dream Come True by Susan Jenkins

Summer 2022 – SOLD OUT

Training: Spring is Here by Mitch White: Buying a Dog or Puppy: Older Puppy/Adult Sales and Stud Dog Contracts: Reputable Breeders Share Their Approaches by Cary Unkelbach; Scent Work: Basic Anatomy: Labs Love Scent Work by Laura McGowan; Covid Fallout: A Question of Trust by Robin Anderson; Grooming By Lindsey: Nails—The Long and Short of It; Getting To Know featuring Julie Bunker of Summerland Labradors; Centerfold featuring Ch Nipntuck Hyspire Unforgettable “Nat” by Judy Heim; Nutrition For Our Dogs by Robert Cabral; Fun With Labs You Had Me At Hello by Terry McCann; A Labor Of Love by Kelly Simpson

Spring 2022

#1 Owner-Handler Mocha Labradors, Our Story by Dawn Mieth; Specialty Coverage Iroquois LRC with critiques by Judy Heim and Jodi Martin; Owner-Handling: Difficult Roads Often Lead to Beautiful Destinations by Justine Embach; Problem Solving in the Field by Mitch White; Physical Conditioning: How Much, What Kind/Type for What Event by Robert Cabral; Canine Cancer Heart to Heart by Terry Simons; Mentoring by Stephanie Halfacre, Linda Schiele, Brent Hadley, Kendall Herr, Fabian Negron, Stacey Parsons and Traci Stintzcum; Service Dogs: International Breeding Program Helping 56 Service Dog Organizations by Cary Unkelbach; The Labrador Man by Nigel Hemming; Northwest Notes: Critical Temperament Consideration in Puppies by Diann Sullivan

Winter 2021

Have Fun Training Your Dog by Robin Anderson; Managing Conflicting Signals in Obedience and Field Work by Janice Gunn; Judges Speak: North American Diving Dogs by Marian Cheney; Judges’ Critiques from National 2021 by Jan Grannemann and Cheri Hershchell; The Joys and Pitfalls of Competition by Robert Cabral; Agility: Shaping the Jump Standards by Terry Simons; Junior Showmanship Profiles featuring Wyatt Hershell and Natalie Halfacre; Junior Showmanship: Decades Ago by Cary Unkelbach; The Art of Training Dogs by Mitch White

Fall 2021

How Did You Get Your Kennel Name featuring Antares Labradors by Vanessa Lobo; Show and Tell featuring Labradors Du Val De Quincy by Valerie Delprat; Getting To Know featuring Staghorn Labradors by Linda Wyatt-deGroot; Fat-Shaming Labradors by Judy Heim; Centerfold featuring Braeduke Joyful by Richard Edwards; Rose City LRC specialty results; Liver Disease Veterinary Experts Say Too Much Copper in Commercial Dog Food by Cary Unkelbach; Exposing Puppies to Make Life Better by Robert Cabral; The Adolescent Dog by Mitch White; What You Need To Know About Giardia in Dogs

Summer 2021

Show and Tell featuring Dolce Vita Labradors by Sonya Dudder; How Did You Get Your Kennel Name? featuring Solsbury Hill Labradors by Pat Butler; Centerfold featuring Ch Kai Den’s Power Surge RN CGC TDI by Page Johnson; Getting To Know featuring Rebellion Labradors by Cheri Herschell; Macular Corneal Dystrophy by Heather Horn; A More Confident Evaluation of Puppies by Diann Sullivan; A Real Salty Dog With a Passion for Surfing by Terry Swanson with Jeff and Maria Nieboer; Puppy Basics: The Little Things by Mitch White; Hiking With Your Dog by Cary Unkelbach; In Memoriam Col Jerry H Weiss USMC Ret by Lisa Weiss; San Joaquin Valley LRC Specialty results

Spring 2021 – SOLD OUT

Getting to Know featuring Wolfpack Labradors; Show and Tell featuring Nycoma Way Labradors; How Did You Get Your Kennel Name featuring SiFi Labradors; Mid Jersey Specialty results; Centerfold featuring Multi BIS/BISS Am GChB/Can Ch/Eng Sh Ch ClearCreek BonaVenture windjammer JH; Northwest Notes Using “Slots” to Allow for Line Improvement; Photographing Your Puppies; Puppy Contracts:Five Reputable Breeders Share Their Views; Great Fun, Good Training—The Tower Shoot by Mitch White; Top 100 OTCH Dogs of all Time; Puppy Cognition—The Making of a Brilliant Canine Mind; Cabergoline and Bromocriptine for Canine Reproduction